LEGO 4-wheel-drive with differential couplings and gearing

Since LEGO presented the technic supercar 8880, I tried to construct a 4-wheel driving car using parts of a number of Lego technic sets I already owned. I discovered however that LEGO had introduced a few new parts that were not available as spare parts. So I had to find out how to realize a transmission to the front wheel and a gearing system with the  parts available before the introduction of the supercar.

4-wheel drive without seats, but with differential coupling front wheels, differential coupling rear wheels, slip coupling between front and rear wheels, manual gearing, 3 forward, 1 backwards.

frontview showing the transmission to the steering wheels

Bottomview. By shifting the axis in the middle different transmissions are selected. (The differential for the rear wheels appeared to be stolen. Main suspect: Joep working on one of his constructions)

Close-up The middle axis is shifted by pulling or pushing the handle

Top view. At both sides of the gearing handle in the middle is an equal amount of space for the seats (not shown)

The model above was created in 1998. This year, 2002, I have found a very nice prototype for a combination of drive, steering and suspension on the pages of Neil everett.