LEGO 1:13 6x6 Truck Dikke DAF Mechanics


This page decribes the inside of the LEGO Dikke DAF The next picture shows what is left after removal of the cabine and the cargo space.

The following two pictures show more details from above. Two geared motors provide the power for driving. In the middle is the central differential with the diff-lock. Note that the final rotational speed is geared down by a factor 5 for every wheel seperately. This reduces the risk of too high torques in the transmission lines. There are 2 pairs of shock absorbers with a central pin between the rear wheel suspension and the chassis (just before and just after the rear wheel suspension).


The front wheel suspension and the steering mechanism have been integrated. In the middle (in front of the central differential) is the motor that controls the steering.

The following two pictures show more details of the front wheel suspension, transmission and steering. The blue strings keep the transmision axes parallel tot the chassis. The shock absorbers are in the middle of the suspension

The following picture shows the rear wheel suspension and the mechanism for the tilt control. This mechanism is actually built double and symmetrically to reduce the torques for all gears. The suspension is fixed to a central axis with two bricks like this:.

The last picture shows the central beam under the chassis and a part of the two-speed gearing system. The axis in the middle can be shifted to the right or the left and should be fixed on one of two positions. These positions correspond to two different gear ratio's 1:1 and 1:3 for the final speed. The slow one is for trials. Fixation is simply done with bricks.

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