LEGO VOC retour "pirate" ship

23 July 2007. I started building  sail vessels since I was 12 years old. This model was built when I was 38.

Now, I am 46, and ...still playingwith Lego. The ship, that I built 8 years ago, was for my children (that was my excuse). Now, there is no excuse. The ship that is presented on this page was built entirely for my own pleasure.

The ship is a mixture of a Dutch 17th century "fluitschip" and a 17th century dutch retour ship. The latter was used to travel to the Asian colonies. Since it is also phantasy and Lego, I decided to make it look like a pirate ship, although my goal was to built it as realistic and as big as possible.


All the decks can be removed in order to get a view on the inside.

I have tried a number of times to come up with a body for this ship with the right shape, and as large as possible without having to buy new bricks.

More pictures can be found in my folder on Brickshelf . There is also a list of Lego ship models in the pirate forum of Eurobricks This list is realy incredible!