In this section we show some pictures of the castle of King (Terror) Tim and the city walls of  Joepsburg in Boysroomland.
  The yellow castle in the background is actually situated on a rock in sea. The bridge is connected to a small high cliff at the  shore.  You can reach this castle with permission from the king by traversing the bridge or secretly by using a sea cave entrance and a boat. At the right and left end of the white city walls is also a sea shore with high and dangerous cliffs, so there is no need for more walls.
 In this page we show the city in more details.


And finally some images that show how the soldiers and  the guards live.
They do everything outside: eating at a long table, drinking beer, and baking in a stove made of red bricks. There is also a  brick stone water put and small building for storing weapans and ammunition.

You can have a nice view on public executions from the walls.