building instructions included !

Februari 2005. This page shows scans of photographs of a crane truck that I built in the sommer of 2000. The inspiration for this model came clearly from the LEGO technic super truck 8868.


This truck features:

The four way transmission selection, the steering and driving is explained partly by the following 2 pictures.

A second motor, for steering, moving the feet, rotating the crane and pumping air, drives the four way transmission selection with the yellow elastic string. A handle attached to the axle, and sticking out of the front of the car, at the right side in the picture above, is fixed to select a transmisison.

The following images show the 4 states of the transmission, controlled by a fixing the handle in front of the car


the handle is fixed to "9 o' clock."

pushing down or pulling up the stabilization feet

the handle is fixed to "12 o' clock"

rotating the crane

the handle is fixed to "6 o' clock"

generating air pressure

the handle is fixed to "3 o' clock".

Air pressure can also be manually generated.


I have about 70 photographs taken during the process of decomposition. This truck could be reconstructed by watching these photographs in reverse order. The building instructions are a series of 10 pages with about 6 photographs per page.