LEGO crimescene

September 2011

September 2011. This year, I joined the dollhouse-project "Casa Bambole" that was organzed at  the  Lowlug meeting on September the  17th in Drachten. All participants had to bring one or more rooms to the meeting for the construction of the dollhouse. The space that a room could take was  16x16 studs while the height had to be 12 bricks. The result is shown in the next picture. 

More and much better pictures have been published on Brickshelf and Flicker. Search with keywords "Casa bambole"or "Lowlug Drachten".

Now, I want to focus your attention to one of the rooms where a woman is lying om the ground. There seems to be blood on the ground. Is this a murder scene? But....if the woman is in front of a mirror, then who is the murderer?

I have removed the roofs in order to get a topview that allows for an inspection of the symmetry.

My apologies for these disturbing pictures. I hope the next project will be less bloody.