LEGO Killough platform

Since Leo presented the working and construction of a Killough Robot platform on his site, a number of people built a realisation of this platform in Lego. Marcus Mattern presented two designs with Mcad-drawings and movie files that show the movements of this thing. Other designs can be found on Doug's pages, the design and programming of a purely lego holonomic robot base by  Michael Chan, Ben Hulse, Peter Kasting , a site with a number of movie-files by Tobbe Arnesson and maybe even more. This page shows a real low-budget platform for people owning two modern LEGO-motors and one or more older type motors.

It appeared that the speed of the "conventional motor" had to be geared down 9 times.

The final construction worked fine. It was really fun to program all kinds of movements, like making triangles, rectangles and combinations with rotation. We desperately wanted to build this platform to see if the Killough platform could be usefull for battlebots in the popular Robot war shows on TV.