October 2002. One year ago, I started to play Quake with, and against, my children. At that time, they had left all the LEGO for me. They didn't play with Lego anymore :-(  

But.........thanks to the "MacBastards", I have found a way to let the minifigs get revenge on them. Click on the next picture to get a full-size screenshot from quake3Arena. It proofs that figs are far more aggressive to adults that to little girls.

Click on the next picture to ge a feeling of a close encounter with a fig.

It's not easy to get nice screenshots from a running game.

TodatTToday, 1 augustus 203, I have found asomeone whois working on LEGO-Quake-maps. Check the "bloxmod" on

I am still looking forward to armies of figs in WarCraft III.