Lego CSI experience lab

November 24, 2012. Are you interested in  Crime Scene Investigation? Then, try this one :

Do you think you need some CSI training or some new CSI technology? Then, visit our crime scene experience lab!

The CSI experience Lego Lab: a hightech facility for testing and training new methods and technology for crime scene investigations 

The entrance corridor

This is the corridor that leads to the entrance of the CSI experience lab. Even the very important visitors have to wait outside, till the lights above the doors turn green. They are guided by a hostess.

The briefing room

Two junior investigators are getting instructions for a training on the simulated crime scene

A TV journalist is present to film everything that happens in the CSI lab for the daily soap: “CSI in bricks”

The living room

Two investigators are testing a special helmet with cameras and display glasses that provide augmented reality.

An experimental scanner is being tested for the purpose of automated detection of  traces.

The bath room

This is Henk. He is a dummy that is used as a victim in simulated crime scenes. He is often put away in the bath tub.

The masters bed room

An investigator is testing a special suit for performing investigations in spaces with dangerous gasses, diseases and radiation.

Camera’s and special sensors are used to monitor his behavior and physical condition

The control room

All actions and body functions of the investigators in the simulated crime scenes are monitored and analysed in the observation room with new experimental technology. 

A visitor who wants to rent this facility is guided by a hostess. She has radiocontact with her colleagues  and the press office

The service corridor

The service corridor with service panels for all systems and shelves for requisites. 

The street

Two medical aid workers are playing a computer game on a giant screen that learns them about the presence of forensic traces on the scenes where they provide help. The teacher, who is a forensic expert, asks them questions during the game and tell them about forensics and traces when appropriate.

The observation room

The game leader at the end of the observation room controls the computer games for training that are played on the consoles in the street.

He can introduce new game elements on request from the teacher, or surprises such as rain or fire to confuse the players.

The street

The director of the institute is interviewed for a satelite TV station, because he made a deal with the police and a company for developing a new trace detector based on medical technology. 

This creation was inspired by the work I do for the Netherlands Forensic Institute. I have been the technical and scientific coordinator of the CSI the Hague project from 2009 till 2012.  One of the results from this project has been the realization of the CSI innovation lab.