Lego movies and lego animations

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The subject of my first Lego-movie (2000) will surprise you
My first animation (2001) was made as a joke to surprise my colleagues and to find out about the working of Lcad and Studio Max.
The third animation (2004) is an extended version of the second one. It's a full small story animatoin, titled: PARTY CRAH.
The second movie (2001) was made to show the working of a very funny clockwork-like machine.
The second animation (2002) shows a rough ride from the viewpoint of a minifig driver

October 2004. A barnd new animation has ben added to this page.

On 3 august 2003, I have discoverd a very nice site on animation:

On 22 january 2005, I have discoverd a movie that shows a LEGO world from the view point of the driver in a fast moving LEGO train: Patrick's Lego trains