LEGO 1:13 6x6 Truck Trial 2008

Part 1: an experimental front wheel transmission.

Introduction . For a betteunderstanding of what this is all about, I recommend to start reading my pages on the "Dikke Daf" and especially the page about the mechanics



April-June 2008. The front wheel transmission of the Dikke Daf was not strong enough. My opinion was that the turning axis of each wheel was still to far away from the centre of the wheel causing a lot of friction during steering. Therefore , I decided to make a new design without bothering about the consequences for the design of the truck. The next pictures shows the first esult. This design will also work for other wheels.

The following pictures show some details.


The result was promising and I tried to build the suspensions for a 6x6 with my tilt control (see pages on the Dikke Daf)..

Because the front wheel suspension was not rigid enough I tried to make the construction more rigid with two extra bars that can move freely in the verical direction. (One of them is red)


The bars did make the suspension more rigid, and I was also worried about the possibilities for making a trasnmission like in the Dikke Daf. The next picture shows the result of my last try.

The result looks elegant, but is still not rigid enough. The 3 beams that fix the wheels should always be parallel, but this construction still allows for some friction.

Comments and ideas are welcome!