My favourites (in random order)


The Lego cranetruck. This truck is the most compicated technic creation. It features two electric motors. With the help of a power distributor, one of the motor s can be used for steering, truning the crane, moving in and out the stabilzation feet and pumping for the pneumatic controls. Building instructions are included.

Lego dreamhouse. Just let my imagination run away.

Lego helicopter demonstrator. By manual control of the blade angles it is possible to change the lifting power and let the balance go up and down.

Lego playstation. How to store your lego-parts, how to find them back, how to prevent your parts and creations to get dusty and how to prevent aching knees and backs.

Lego marble ferry wheel. An alternative for a swinger or a spring in lego clocks?

P.funk on a LEGO stage , with interactive audio sample playing

Continuously Variable Transmission CVT-IVT

6x6 Lego Truck for truck trials This truck features full suspension, transmission to 6 wheels and front wheel steering

Lego vacuum cleaner powered engine, a LPE without pneumatics

Lego Voith Schneider Propellor, a ship with 2 VSP's