Lego cities and trains



What can be done with two electric Lego trains? Lego rail beams for tow bridges. The combination of Duplo and Lego. A lego circus. a lego locomotive. Minifigs excited. Lego zoo. Just click the thumbnails.

22 Jan 2005. Today , I have found a very nice LEGO train world site that can also be viewed in a movie from the point of the train driver during a ride! This site also shows a nice method to to get a lot of lights in a LEGO city at night. Check Patrick's lego trains

5 Jan 2006. After trains and steam trains, it is time for steam busses!

7 November 2010. A Modular concept for building cities was introduced at LowLug and this is my contribution 

17 September 2011 A modular concept  for building doll houses was introduced at Lowlug and this is my contribution