Still Playing with LEGO

Work in progress
Ldraw, 3D-win, Studio Max and more
crane truck, helicopters, tri-star wheels, killough platforms, steam engins, and more.
explanations, rotors, lift control, cyclic control and more
can you do it ?
My Favourites
marble ferry wheel for Lego clocks, Lego Playstation and more
castles, ships, Quake and more

Trains and City life:
modeling , Lego and Duplo combined, circus, zoo, pop music,

Remote Control
designs for 2 motors and two battery sets and more
Pfunk on LEGO stage
Continously Variable Transmissions Torque converters, belt drives, CVT-IVT, Hybrid car wheels and Loops for marbles

Design Matters!

My other Links

My Lego Links

Steambus with reversible LPE

Truck Trials

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