Lego Technic creations


Lego crane-truckdemonstrator of Lego helicoptor landing and liftingLego Killough platformLego Torsen differentialLego tri-star wheels mini-Killough platformLego 4-wheel-drive with gearingLego-transmissions , 4x4 , Universal joint based CVT, Automatic gearbox, 6x6 truck for a truck trial, Lego steam engine, pneumatic motor, Lego hybrid CVT-IVT, Lego tractor pulling, Lego engine without pneumatics, LowLug Truck Trial , 6x6-truck-with-tilt-control, Dikke Daf YA 328, steam engine with reverse bar, Lego rubber band machine gun, Lego steam engine with reverse bar, Lego triple expansion engine, Lego helicopter rotor cyclic control without swash plates, Lego Voith Schneider Propellor Lego VSP, LEGO Constantinescu Torque Converter, Simple Lego CVT in a car. Experimantal front wheel suspension, Truck Trial 2009, Lego Carver, Lego Landmaster
, Lego-big-LPE's

version: 20 december 2011